Runes from Ragnar

The runes were a writing system used in Northern Europe. For the Vikings, the runes were steeped in power and mystery, as befits their origin with Odin. There were several variations in different places and times. The older set, or Elder Futhark, consists of twenty-four letters. This is the set I have chosen to work with, and to sell. If you're not already familiar with the runes, there is more information on my Viking Page.

I've obained these from a larger set that was intended for later period Anglo-Saxon use, so the meanings given in the pictures are not always consistant with Old Norse usage. Many folks reverse the order of the last two letters, and I cut Hagalaz with a single cross bar. All and all however, they are very good. Each piece is about 7/8" tall without the suspension loop.

Sterling $15 - Bronze $8

Please order runes by number.
Individual Runes #5127.#
(Example: order the first rune, Rune #1 with Item # 5127.01)

To avoid confusion, it wouldn't hurt to add the name, for example; "Fehu Rune in bronze"

Rune 24 Dag. and 16 Sowulo are out of stock in silver.
Rune 1 Fehu, and rune 17 Teiwaz are out of stock in bronze.

#5127.F Futhark Rune Set (Runes #1 - 24)
Sterling $240 - Bronze $175

01 - Fehu

02 - Uruz

03 - Ŝurisaz

04 - Ansuz

05 - Raido

06 - Kenaz

07 - Gyfu

08 - Wunjo

09 - Hagalaz

10 - Nauŝiz

11 - Isá

12 - Jera

13 - Eihwaz

14 - Perŝ

15 - Algiz

16 - Sowulo

17 - Teiwaz

18 - Berkanna

19 - Ehwaz

20 - Mannaz

21 - Laguz

22 - Ing

23 - Odal

24 - Dag

Besides the individual runes, I have several pendants with the entire Futhark (rune row), as well as some that have runic inscriptions. See the Viking Pendant Page for more on these items.

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